SXC DAO tutorial

2. After clicking, it will automatically jump to the Jswap purchase page, enter the quantity you want to purchase and click “Swap”, and then confirm this transaction in the wallet.

3. Return to the LP Mining interface, click “Enable”, and confirm in the wallet; after the confirmation is successful, enter the amount of SXC you want to stake, and then click “stake” to complete the operation after confirming in the wallet again.


Stake your SXC tokens below for 30 days and start earning penalty fees. You cannot unstake SXC before the lock is expired.

  • All SXC’s are vested for 30 days.
  • Locks are grouped by week so vests from the same week get pushed onto the same lock.
  • You must have locked SXC to receive exit penalties from others
  • SXC earned by locking SXC is not locked




The First DeFi Lending on OKExChain

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SupremeX Lending

SupremeX Lending

The First DeFi Lending on OKExChain

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