How to Transfer from OKEX to Polygon (MATIC)

Step 1 — Selecting the Coin(

Step 2— Selecting the USDT or Others

Step 3— Enter your Polygon Wallet address

Step 4— Start Using SupremeX Lending(

How to Transfer from BSC to Polygon (MATIC)

Step 1 — Selecting the Coin(

Step 2 — Select BNB

Step 3 — Select a Validator Group

Step 4 — Select BSC in FROM CHAIN

Step 5 — Connect with Metamask


Step 7 — Click on CONVERT NOW

Step 8 — Review and Confirm the Conversion

Step 9 — Wait for the Transfer to Complete

Step 10 — Conversion Complete

Step 11 — Adding pBNB token in QuickSwap

Step 12 — Paste the Token Contract Address and Add PBNB

pBNB address: 0x7e9928aFe96FefB820b85B4CE6597B8F660Fe4F4

You should see PBNB showing now, just click on (Add) to add PBNB to the list. Although, you will see the number of tokens transferred at the right, so you can deduce it’s the correct token.

Step 13 — Swap from PBNB to MATIC

How to Transfer from ETH to Polygon (MATIC)


2.Select the tokens you need to cross-chain. Here, take ETH as an example. Enter the number of cross-chains you need, then click “Transfer” and follow the icon to complete the operation.

Config Metamask for Matic Mainnet


Chain ID: 137

Currency Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL:

Create a new account or import an existing account

How to join the SupremeX Lending

Switch your network to Matic Mainnet

Choose MetaMask to connect your wallet

Choose the tokens which you like to supply or borrow.

1.Lending Mining

The supply market section is able to display wallet balances and collateralize deposits, we support MATIC USDT USDC BTC ETH LINK.

Click MATIC or something you have, you can deposit now.

During the lending period, you will be able to earn SXC tokens

The First DeFi Lending on OKExChain