SupremeX Collateral Factor

A xToken’s collateral factor can range from 0–90%, and represents the proportionate increase in liquidity (borrow limit) that an account receives by minting the xToken.

Generally, large or liquid assets have high collateral factors, while small or illiquid assets have low collateral factors. If an asset has a 0% collateral factor, it can’t be used as collateral (or seized in liquidation), though it can still be borrowed.

Collateral factors can be increased (or decreased) through SupremeX Governance, as market conditions change.

SupremeX currently lists 7 assets with collateral factors ranging from 0–85%:

USDT 85%

USDC 85%

DAi 85%

BTC 80%

ETH 80%

LINK 70%





The First DeFi Lending on OKExChain

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SupremeX Lending

SupremeX Lending

The First DeFi Lending on OKExChain

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