The Latest SXC Tokenomics on Polygon (Matic)

SXC (SupremeX Coins) will be distributed in the following manner. A total of 1B SXC will be distributed pro rata unless indicated otherwise:

Lending pool: 38.5% (3 years linear)
Marketing: 10%
Founder: 10% (2 years linear)
Institutions: 6.5% (2 years linear)
Liquidity pool incentive: 30% (3 years linear)
DAO Pool: 5% (3 years linear)

Per day, each of the following pool will distribute the following number of SXC tokens for users based on their individual TVL:
USDT: 150,000
DAI: 75,000
USDC: 75,000
BTC: 50,000
ETH: 50,000
LINK: 50,000
MATIC: 50,000

In total, it is 1.5% of the total circulation of SXC per month during the early mining stage. When SXC is issued in the future, users will be able to claim SXC after vesting SXC in the DAO pool for 30 days.

Users can choose to claim SXC early before the end of the vesting period by paying 50% early-exit tax. This tax will be distributed to users who have vested in the DAO pool pro rata over 7 days.

In addition to the tax from other users exiting DAO pool early before the end of vesting period, users obtain DAO rewards that is 5% of the total supply.

The details of liquidation incentives, lending pool distribution rate, DAO pool rate will be released shortly after SXC officially issued.

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